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Date:March 19th
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: AAA Life
17900 N Laurel Park Dr
Livonia, Michigan 48152
Suite W150 (map)
Enter through the NORTH entrance to make things simple.
Park in the "P" parking lot since it is right at the NORTH entrance.
Everyone will be required to sign-in, but nothing special beyond that.
Speaker:Laura Ubelhor will lead reveal
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Everyone has seen all of the publicity over IBM Watson, especially after Watson won against legendary jeopardy champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter in 2011 for first place prize of $1 million. Since 2011 a lot has happened with Watson and many organizations are implementing and making use of Watson and AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications within their business operations. Have you wondered about WATSON and AI? How can it be used within your business and how does it work?
Are you interested in having IBM i community member organizations connect to students/colleges.
Do you enjoy having fun learning new and very useful technology?
If you answered yes to any of these questions SEMIUG is kicking off an activity during our February user group meeting that you'll want to participate in.

SEMIUG community members will team up with students to code a Watson application. We will begin the activity in February and teams will have until the March reveal user group meeting to finish and share an application (or more than one application). The user group iDevcloud box will be used for the activity. Once teams are signed up a GoToMeeting WebEx will be scheduled to share examples and information to get teams started. Finished examples will be available using RPG, PHP, node.js or other technology that runs on IBM i and all using Watson cloud AI. Some of the examples include language translator, voice recognition, optical recognition and other applications. Teams may also create their own applications (we encourage doing so). There is no cost to participate. Teams can use the trial or member Watson cloud application. A weekly WebEx will be set up for open discussion including questions, discussing projects or whatever you like. The WebEx will be limited to 1 hour.

  1. Teams can consist of one or many individuals including student(s) and IBM i community member(s)
  2. Teams can simply finish the examples provided and/or combine, enhance applications. You're allowed to be as creative as you like provided you are using Watson API's
  3. Teams can use example applications or extend examples or create their own applications
  4. At least one team member must participate at the reveal March user group meeting either on site at AAA Life in Livonia or remotely via WebEx
  5. Teams will be allowed a pre-designated time slot for the project reveal
  6. Projects must be completed on the SEMIUG iDevcloud IBM i box
  7. Teams may use the trial subscription or a paid subscription to Watson in the cloud
  8. Team projects will be shared through SEMIUG with other IBM i colleagues
  9. The project reveal will be recorded and shared
  10. Teams are responsible for coordinating and organizing their own projects respectively
  11. Prizes will be awarded based on placement per voting by the panel of judges
Win Prizes

We will have a panel of judges vote on the finished projects during the reveal meeting. Winning teams will be awarded cash and other prizes..

SEMIUG strives to connect students/schools with IBM i community members. It is a win for everyone. Students win by learning and making invaluable connections with IBM i community members, colleagues and potential future employers. Community members win by helping grow and encourage the next generation of resource on the platform. The Watson activity will not only be a wonderful connection activity but also you are sure to learn more about Watson and have fun with a team while doing so. It is amazing to see how Watson is being used and we can be assured understanding more about Watson and AI does an will have an impact on our futures. Let us join together, connect, learn, have lots of fun and walk away with something we can all put to use.

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