Topic: IBM i Systems Management Workshop

Date:Tuesday September 15
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: BrassCraft Manufacturing Company
39600 Orchard Hill Place
Novi, MI 48375-5331 (map)
Speaker:Larry Bolhuis
Notes: Presentation: IBMi Systems Management

This workshop will focus on key items that should be set up and managed on your system to assure it is running well and stays that way!
In this workshop we'll discuss:

  1. Setup and verify of Call Home functions on the HMC. Setup of a limited HMC user. A review of HMC command line capability including watching HMC disk space.
  2. Setup and verify of Call Home functions in IBMi. What and how to set them up and how to test them to be sure your system is protected.
  3. Explore graphical methods for monitoring IBM i Performance. This includes Management Central and IBM Navigator for i System Monitors
  4. Things to watch out for: Memory usage, Disk I/O and storage, avoiding dead cash batteries.
  5. Gut check on PTFs. We'll discuss how to find out your current levels how to get new levels and tools to help you install them. This will include PTF Groups and Image catalogues. Flexible Service Processor (FSP) updates, why, when and how.
  6. Storage Management - Discover your disk and what's filling it. Tips for deciding on what doesn't need to be there.
  7. Various System values you should understand.
  8. Spool file maintenance including use of iASPs, Joblog Servers, and disconnected spool file functions.

About the presenter

Larry Bohuis

Larry has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He began working on IBM midrange equipment with the S/34 in 1984 and the AS/400 with its introduction in 1988. Larry currently has held more than 30 IBM Technical certifications from AS/400 through IBM I and POWER Systems including IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert - System i. Larry brings his extensive IBM and Cisco connectivity knowledge to his networking, LPAR and Systems Management sessions. Larry also works on routers, firewalls, and VPNs. He has been awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals was awarded the Al Barsa memorial Scholarship, as well as COMMON's Distinguished Service Award. He is Chief i-entist at Frankeni Technology Consulting LLC in Middleville, MI.