Topic: Mobile Access To IBM i

Date:Tuesday, June 16, 2015
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: Bloomfield Township Public Library (meeting room 3)
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Speaker:Wayne Bowers
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Mobile access is the new frontier. With much, if not most, internet access coming from mobile devices, we need to address the needs of that part of the IBM population. From the ITJungle article:

A big part of the IBM i reputation is its easy access to its file system, to printers and printer output, the operating system security, and DB2 database. The interfaces and the terminology make sense to anyone familiar with the platform. The IBM i Access software family includes products that access client solutions, Windows, Linux, and Web. And now it includes mobile, as part of the Access for Web products, or it will when it becomes generally available at the end of the month.

"Access for Web was repurposed for mobile users," Tim Rowe, IBM's business architect for application development, says. "We now have a mobile interface for managing things like active sessions, printer output, job logs, spool files, message queues, operator messages, and the database."

Session Information

Managing your IBM i systems and providing user access from any mobile devices, cell phones and tablets, are becoming a business requirement. To address these needs, IBM announced the Technology Preview of the IBM i Mobile Access Solution. This session introduces the solution and explains how to obtain and deploy it.

About the Presenter:

Wayne Bowers

Wayne Bowers has been with IBM since 1997, where he works with the IBM i Global Support Center in Rochester MN. He is an Advisory Software Engineer specializing in the support of the IBM i Access (aka Client Access) products, Integrated Blade server solutions, and the TCP Telnet communications server. Wayne has been developing and delivering presentations on IBM i Access products since 1999, and at COMMON since 2009.