Date:Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: Bloomfield Township Public Library
1099 Lone Pine Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-2410
Meeting Room 2
S.E. corner of Lone Pine and Telegraph Road (map)
Speakers:Steve Will, Mark Olson, and Alison Butterill

Recently IBM sent out a press notice regarding the imminent release of IBM i 7.2 and Power8 Hardware - the newest operating system and hardware enhancements for IBM Power Systems. Attend this Webcast to hear the details. We will be joined by Mark Olson, Steve Will, Alison Butterill and other key IBM personnel as they describe the new operating system and hardware features. This will be your very first opportunity to hear about a major new release. Don't miss this opportunity to hear details about the latest IBM i release!


Steve Will

Steve Will
Chief Architect, IMBi
Steve Will is the Chief Architect for the IBM i operating system, the descendent of the AS/400 operating system which runs on IBM's Power Systems. Steve joined IBM in 1985 and while there, has worked as a software programmer, designer and architect at all levels of the operating system. In his role as Chief Architect, he is responsible for the strategy and plan for IBM i, he is a frequent speaker at customer events, he collects requirements from customer advisory groups, and he works with professionals both inside and outside IBM on future technology.

Mark Olson

Mark Olson
Mark Olson is an IBM Power Systems World Wide Product Manager located in Rochester, Minnesota. Currently he is heavily involved with the definition of future Power Systems hardware products and the education of customers, IBMers, and IBM Business Partner sales personnel on new hardware product and system offering announcements. These announcements cover hardware used by both IBM i, AIX and Linux. Mark has an extensive history with product planning and announcements of the AS/400-iSeries-System i for 20 years and before that was a IBM Sales Representative/Systems Engineer. Mark is a frequent speaker at COMMON.

Alison Butterill

Alison Butterill
Alison is the IBM i Product Manager working for IBM Power Systems. I am the main conduit between IBM i Development and clients. Alison takes client suggestions and requests to the IBM i development team and I convey new technologies and features back to the clients.