Notice: this meeting will be Webinar only

Topic: Application Modernization Redbook Preview

Date:Tuesday, March 18th, 2014
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: Webinar only
Speaker:Tim Rowe
Notes: Application Modernization Redbook draft

IBM i 7.1 Knowledge Center, Redbooks and developerWorks

Modernization is a pressing theme for many if not all business, developers, and business leaders in today’s world. With that as a backdrop, the IBM i team was approved for funding to build a RedBook that is a holistic view of what it mean to build modern applications in a modern world. The RedBook looks into the business reasons modernization is important along with methodologies, technologies, and techniques that gives you a recommendations and best practice for building and migrating applications to a modern view. This session will give a preview of how the RedBook was put together, who the industry experts are that contributed to this book, as well as look at an overview of some of the content. The Application Modernization RedBook is a very exciting new look at applications in a modern world.

About the Presenter

Tim Rowe, Business Architect Application Development & Systems Management for IBM i
IBM i Development Lab, Rochester, MN

Tim Rowe

Tim Rowe has been working with IBM for 20+ years within the IBM i family in Rochester Minnesota. He spent many years working on the Work Management portion of the operating system before moving into Web based middle ware on IBM I a number of years ago. He is currently the Business Architect for Application Development for IBM i. These responsibilities include technical leadership responsibilities ensuing the IBM I platform has the infrastructure and components required for our IBM i customers to successfully develop, build and run applications on IBM i. Working with Rational and WebSphere on a day-today basis gives Tim the opportunity to understand how these products work and how they integrate into an overall picture of Application Development on IBM i. Additional areas for which Tim has responsibility include the IBM HTTP Server, Web Administration GUI interface, Integrated Web Application Server for i Web Service Server for i and other application components.