Topic: Tapeless Backup

Date:Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: IBM-Southfield
18000 West Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075
Cafeteria meeting room (map)
Speaker:Bob French, Sales Executive Power Systems & Storage, Dynamix Group, Inc.
Notes:PowerPoint presentation (PDF version)

The data in our servers is valuable. To protect it (from ourselves and others) we make copies. As data size has ballooned, tape drive vendors have done well in providing attractive options for offline storage. Improvements in media standards has allowed more data to be packed onto each tape as drive prices have trended downward. Your next tape drive might not be tape drive. Come to this session to find out how IBM is working to implement the ProtecTier Virtual Tape Library system for use with the IBM i.

Take-aways include:

About the Speaker

Bob French

Bob French started in IT as a Main Frame Systems Engineer with IBM in Jacksonville, FL in 1978. He trained and began working as a System 38 SE when it was introduced. Five years work as an SE led to various responsibilities in Sales and Sales Management with IBM, mostly in the Southeast U.S. Following 19 years of experience there, he left to help found Dynamix Group. Bob has been working with Dynamix Group to market IBM Power Systems and Storage products for the past 14 years. Bob can be reached at: