Topic: Automatic Encryption with V7R1

Date:Tuesday March 15th 2011
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: IBM-Southfield
18000 West Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075
Cafeteria meeting room (map)
Speaker:John Earl

If you have ever considered encrypting data on your IBM i, you should know that the rules of the game have just changed dramatically.

It used to be that adding field level encryption to your DB2/400 database involved application program changes, database changes, and long, involved software projects. But a new feature in the DB2/400 database means that encryption can be done at the database level, automatically, and usually without any application programming changes at all.

In this session John will explain the new automatic encryption features in V7R1 and show you how they can be used to encrypt data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more.

About the Speaker

John Earl

John Earl is President & CEO of Townsend Security, an Olympia Washington based company that specializes in encryption technologies including encrypting data at rest, encrypting data in motion, and managing encryption keys.

John has over 30 years experience with IBM midrange systems and security and is widely respected for his deep understanding of IBM i security as well as his unique ability to explain complex security concepts to diverse audiences around the world.