Hardware Upgrade considerations: Green, ROI, Do the math

Date:March 23rd
Time:5:30(Deli snack) 6:30 - 8:00(Presentation)
Location: Bloomfield Township Public Library
1099 Lone Pine Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-2410
S.E. corner of Lone Pine and Telegraph Road (map)
Speaker:Larry Bolhuis
Notes:"Green, ROI, do the Math" (PDF file)

A new application? I can do that! A new server? I can do that. Lots of new disk? I think I can do thatů More CPW and memory? Oh boy, how am I gonna do all that?!

You know you have the legendary lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry with Power Systems and IBM i. You already understand that total Cost of Acquisition (TCA) is the wrong number to focus on. So what are the things you should consider to help reduce TCO even further?

First will look at all the impressive power reductions possible with the newest Power Systems hardware including SAS Drives, Small form factor drives, ESDs, and of course POWER6 and POWER7 Processors. We'll consider maintenance costs and number of cabinets required as well as operating system license costs. From here we'll consider how advanced power management, intelligent PDUs, along with the newest CPUs can save you money.

Next we'll step back from the system itself and explore the relationship between system power and UPS and cooling costs. We'll discuss data center issues including space, power density, and cooling costs and finally look into some ideas for alternative cooling that can save significant energy and money.

About the Speaker

Larry Bolhuis

Larry Bolhuis is a partner at Arbor Solutions, Inc., an IBM business partner in Grand Rapids, MI. He began working on IBM midrange equipment with the S/34 and S/36 in 1984 and the AS/400 with its introduction in 1988. Larry currently holds more than 30 IBM AS/400 and iSeries Certifications, including IBM Certified Systems Expert in LPAR, Linux, Windows Integration, and Technical Solutions. Larry is a frequent speaker at technical education conferences including DevCon, Common and MITEC.