Topic: IPv6 - In your mirror and closer than you think!

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Date:Wednesday, June 16
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: IBM-Southfield
18000 West Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075
Cafeteria Meeting room (map
Speaker:Fant Steele
Notes:IPv6 Overview

Have you heard of IPv6 and wondered what all the hoopla is about? This session will provide a basic introduction to IPv6 and its implmentation on System i. Starting with an overview of the IPv6 protocol and its major components a basic understanding of the protocol will enable an understanding of the specific elements implemented in the System I environment.

    Learning Objectives:
  1. Understand the components of IPv6
  2. Know how migration and coexistence with IPv4 will be hanlded
  3. Explore best practices for IPv6 in System i

About the Speaker

Fant Steele

Fant Steele is a Senior IT Technical Specialist in the IBM iSeries Advanced Technical Support Group located in Rochester, Minnesota. Fant specializes in the areas of IP Telephony on System i, network infrastructure design and implementation, hosting multiple operating systems on i5 systems hardware, server consolidation, application development tools, and implementing security.

In addition to these areas of specialization, Fant can assist with architecting a total hardware and software solution that includes high availability, backup solutions, and disaster recovery. Fant presents at seminars worldwide on many areas of i5 solutions that include communications technologies and IT optimization.

Prior to joining this group, Fant spent three years as an Advisory ITSO Specialist for AS/400 in the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), Rochester Center. While in the ITSO, Fant wrote several redbooks on communication and e-business topics. He spent eight years as an instructor and developer for the AS/400 communication and programming curriculum of IBM Education and Training. Prior to joining IBM in 1989, he worked on S/36 to AS/400 code conversions in the medical industry, VM/MVS systems programming, and applications programming for the manufacturing industry.