Topic: Integrated Application Server

Date:Wednesday, May 27, 2009
Time:5:30 (Deli snack) - 6:00 (Meeting)
Location: Bloomfield Township Public Library
1099 Lone Pine Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-2410
S.E. corner of Lone Pine and Telegraph Road (map)
Speaker:Tim Rowe
Notes:Integrated Web Applications (PDF)

This meeting is being presented as a webinar

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1-877-421-0038 PC 941422

Want to start running Web applications, but your system is too small? Creating and Administrating a Web server to complicated and confusing? Dealing with the maintenance too time consuming? Concerned that ASF Tomcat is being withdrawn from service? The IBM Integrated Web Application Server for i is for you.

The integrated Web application server integrates a Web-servlet container into IBM i operating system. This Web container includes the basics for getting Servlet and JSP applications up and running quickly and effectively on the Web. The integrated Web application server is a great place to prototype new applications or to run existing small-footprint or low-use applications. You can consider the integrated Web application server as an entry point to the Web.

Administration is easy and straight forward using the IBM Web Administration for i graphical user interface (GUI). Since this Web container is part of the operating system, there are no additional products to install and maintenance is handled via IBM i PTFs. Learn how this 'i' friendly Web container can quickly and easily get you started on the road to the Web.

Learning Objectives: The user will be able to successfully create an application server for deploying their own applications or an ISV application.

About the Speaker

Tim Rowe

Tim Rowe has been working with IBM for 19+ years within the IBM i family in Rochester, Minnesota. He spent many years working on the Work Management portion of the operating system before moving into Web based middle ware on IBM i eight years ago. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer with technical leadership responsibilities for integrating Web based middle ware into the IBM i operating system. These responsibilities include the IBM HTTP Server, Web Administration GUI interface, Integrated Web Application Server for i, and Web Service Server for i. He is also a COMMON Subject 2Matter Expert for Web applications.