WDSC for RPG Programmers

Date:Tuesday 03/21/06
Time:7:30 p.m.
18000 West Nine Mile Road
Southfield, MI 48075 (map)
Speaker:Joe Pluta
Notes:WDSC for RPG Programmers.pdf (ZIP file,2.43 MEG)

The WDSC for RPG programmers will be a tour of the WDSC package for RPG programmers. During the session, Joe will explain how the LPEX editor replaces SEU, and how you can do pretty much everything you used to do in PDM and much, much more. From running your favorite PDM command to writing code (including some cool wizards) to debugging your applications, all through WDSC.

Joe Pluta
JoePluta (23K)

About the Speaker

Joe Pluta is the president of Pluta Brothers Design, Inc., which specializes in extending and enhancing IBM midrange legacy systems using the latest technologies. Their flagship PSC/400 product is the only product that can web-enable an entire legacy application from the 5250 command line. Joe has written several books on Web-related topics, and is a frequent speaker on all things iSeries. You can read his articles at MCPress Online or see his posts in various iSeries-related mailing lists.