Open Lab

Date:February 23, 2005
Time:1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Walsh College - Troy campus -lab
3838 Livernois
Troy, MI 48083 (Map)
Speaker:Carole Miner
Registration:Pre-registration required for this event.

The February 2005 Southeast Michigan iSeries User Group meeting will start with an overview presentation on iSeries Access for Web, then you will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on open lab session to try out the things you have just learned.

This lab is structured as an "open" lab which means that you can select the topics you are most interested in and want to learn more. The lab exercises included are:

  1. General Message, Files, Command, Print, Jobs
  2. Maximizing the use of the 5250 emulator
  3. Using the Database capabilities of Access for Web
  4. Customize: Restricting access and general configuration
  5. Customize: Homepage Configuration

About the speaker:

Carole Miner
Carole Minor

Carole Miner is a Senior Software Engineer for iSeries Client Integration department in the IBM Rochester Laboratory. Carole has a strong grounding in programming, planning and leadership including the original PC Support, FSIOP (now called Integrated xSeries Server). Carole has held a variety of programming, management and planning roles on Rochester-developed products. Since 1988 Carole's main focus is client integration technologies and support for iSeries Access products. Carole is an internationally known technical speaker, author and iSeries authority.

Comments from attendees

"The web lab was great, a lot good information. I would of liked more time for the labs and/or worked with a partner." - Margaret
"Thank you for allowing me to attend your event. ...I am not on the iSeries development team. However my supervisor asked me to attend to see what was available as I will be assisting our AS400 crew whenever possible with the transition from “green-screen” to a GUI user interface.

Even as an outsider I found the presentation to be very informative. Your speaker did a wonderful job of presenting the material, and the lab exercises were easy to follow and understand. However I was surprised by the somewhat lukewarm reception by the iSeries attendees. Could it be that they are so ingrained in the status-quo that they resist the movement to web-based delivery?" - Brian
"...I enjoyed the session very much. I would have enjoyed more time on the hands on part. Hopefully, we can finish working through the demos on our own system." - Barbara
"Excellent Meeting. We didn't just hear about the features, we were able to try them out for ourselves and see what could be done. More was accomplished in the 4 hours of lecture/labs than could ever be done by reading magazine articles and white papers, or by the famous trial-n-error techniques. Fantastic return for $25." - Paul

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