Using the Apache Server

Date: March 23, 2004
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Dana Coupled Products Division(map)
                   2910 Waterview Drive
                   Rochester Hills, MI 48309
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Michael Ryan with be with us to discuss the Apache Server on March 23, 2004.

The Apache web server is IBM's strategic direction for all eServer platforms, including iSeries. It's the also the most popular web server. And best of all - you already have it on your iSeries! In this presentation Michael will discuss HTTP servers and provide an overview of the iSeries implementation of Apache server. In addition, Michael will explain the configuration of Apache and identify some of the uses and features of the server.

You'll leave this presentation and be able to configure Apache and start serving web pages within your organization.

PDF file of the presentation

Guest Speaker: Michael Ryan

is an information systems professional with over 20 years experience in IBM systems, concentrating on AS/400 and System/3X systems.

Michael is the president of Ryan Technology Resources, a company based on consulting, training and publications.

Michael has worked with a number of consulting firms specializing in data communications and networking. Michael has developed and taught college level courses in RPG programming and AS/400 operations and has conducted seminars covering a wide range of AS/400, data communications and Internet topics.

Michael is the co-author of four books and numerous trade magazine articles with TCP/IP on the AS/400 his latest work. Michael is also a technical editor and author for iSeries Magazine.