Building Dynamic iSeries WebSphere Apps in 3 Steps and 3 Minutes.

Date: January 20, 2004
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: Dana Coupled Products Division (map)
2910 Waterview Drive
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

This presentation and demonstration will cover:

A) 2 Major iSeries Web Applications that were just completed for a major midwest manufacturer in Indiana. We will cover experiences and lessons learned during development. Learn what works and what doesn't in the world of iSeries Web Development.

B) You can build iSeries applications from scratch in 3 steps and about 3 minutes. We will cover:

  1. Building database connection pools
  2. Building metadata application definitions
  3. Defining JDBC/SQL Operations To Use DB2/400 data

C) iSeries Roadmap To the Web For Your Company

  1. Initial consideration for web development
  2. What can you company do with the Web?
  3. The 5 key decisions you must make
  4. The 7 sins of web development and how to avoid them

Guest Speaker - Paul Holm from PlanetJ

is a certified AS/400, VisualAge, Java, and WebSphere instructor for IBM and has been specializing in these technologies in real world development since their introduction. He has more than 10 years of experience working directly for IBM Rochester, home of the AS/400, where he was involved in the actual development of these products including Websphere Application Server, VisualAge for Java, and DB2.

Paul is a internationally recognized speaker having presented these topics at Common, AS/400 Technical Conferences, world-wide IBM marketing events, and AS/400 Dev Con. He has been directly involved in the architecture and development of several successful AS/400 Java and WebSphere projects.

Paul has authored a AS/400 Java redbook and recently completed another redbook focused on WebSphere portal server. In addition, as an IBM consultant, he was exposed to dozens of projects where he assisted numerous companies in their migration from RPG to Java.

Meeting Follow-up:

Missed the meeting or didn't get the handouts? Click on the following links to download TIF images.

Also, you get a trial copy of Web Object Wizard (WOW) on CD by contacting or by going to PlanetJ's web site.